When I first heard about cryptocurrencies in 2016, I was excited about the idea behind these coins and their investment opportunities.

I always wanted to learn more about it, so I dedicated all my time to continually expanding my knowledge.

Practice creates masters !

Daily reading about the crypto market and participation in international investor events became my passion. In addition, I have had the opportunity to develop a wide variety of investment strategies in this area over the past few years. Since 2021 I am also CCFE-certified (Certified Crypto Finance Expert).

And today investors can benefit from my many years of experience in the field of cryptocurrencies.

just do it !

Today I pass on my knowledge to bring the world of coins and blockchains closer to new people.

My personal goal is to bring as many people into this space as possible and give them a positive experience.


With the right one
Mindset is half the battle. No matter what life situation you are in
is, with a clear goal in mind and the will to achieve it
one already better than 99%.

"Do what 99% don't do, to have what only 1% have"

Every beginning is difficult, but without starting something, it certainly doesn't work!


Your network is your net worth"

One of the most famous quotes on the network. Unfortunately, many still do not understand what it means.

It is also said: "You know every person in the world through 7 contacts." Without
good contacts and an extensive network, it will be difficult to advance quickly, so build up a good network of contacts.

Nurture your network and your network nurtures you!

101% motivated

Motivation is one of the most important attributes of a successful entrepreneur.

Usain Bolt trained for exactly 9.7 seconds for 20 years, but had he given up after 5 years of training he wouldn't be where he is today.

Being only 1% better every day than the day before means in numbers:
1.01 to the power of(365) = 37.78x in one year.

But giving only 99% also means: 0.99 to the power of(365) = 0.03x in one year.

So you see what only 2% can do, do your best, every day!

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