HISTORY OF Abu Timirsultanov

I've been in NFTs for almost a year and have been part of the NFT hype since the beginning and have seen and experienced pretty much every hype. I was active both in the NFT artwork area (art like Pak, Beeple etc.) but mostly in the NFT collectibles area (utility NFTs like CryptoPunks, Bored Apes etc.) and was able to generate a trading volume of $250k on OpenSea within less than a year !

everything is possible

Although I actually started out with crypto and trading, the love for NFTs quickly arose as I researched more and saw what is possible with NFTs. The scope for NFTs is endless!

I will never forget my very first NFT because it all started with this collection: Shadycon by Eminem in April 2021.

My pseudonym is not without reason NFT_Shady !

teamwork makes the dreamwork

When I got to know Dominic in August 2021, a new chapter in my life opened.

Within just 6 months we have managed to build and promote one of the largest German-speaking communities.

Almost to the day, after only 1 year in the crypto & NFT sector, I was able to resign my 9 to 5 position and now work for myself 24/7 like all entrepreneurs!

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